What is This Blog???

I know what your thinking. No Updates in a while … Who is this person and where are the real posts about you know stuff???   What kind of stuff will he be talking about??? Do I care about stuff???

Great Questions, and let’s see how much of this I can answer……

So I’m a tinkerer by nature, I think most Programmers/System Guys are. It is something about the way IT works it gives us a natural curiosity to see what makes things tick. In this blog I will hopefully show you some of my current tinkering and fun things I want to try.

So what am I working on?

So late last year I purchased a used server in an attempt to open up my ability to tinker with software easier. I used to use cloud instances but that has gotten expensive as I like to keep projects running for long periods of time and sometimes in isolation. So what I currently have on the go is a few things:

  • Exploring Dockerization of services as it relates to application integration
  • Exploring Mattermost as a vehicle for Automation Coordination and Information Hub
  • Evaluating the System Monitoring provided by Prometheus as well as graphing using Graphana.
  • Graphana Integration with a Logging Platform like ELK.
  • Minecraft as a form of enjoyable downtime.
  • Visual Studio 2017 and .Net Core  and how they play with docker and the differences from traditional .Net(1.1,2.0,3.5,4.x)

and so much more…

So the plan for now at least is to try to blog at least once a month about one of these topics. This will hopefully include bringing people up to speed with my approaches and some of the lessons learned. It will also give me a chance to show of some cool tech.

Well that’s it for now hopefully you stick around and see what this grows into…



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